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it's all about the strategy

SEO will drive traffic to your website, that traffic turns into leads, those leads are going to turn into sales.
It’s as simple as that.

Our strategy revolves around 3 core pillars – Content, Backlinks and Page Optimisation. How we put this strategy together is going to be completely unique to your business.

Request a tailored strategy on how we will do that, and we’ll be glad to walk you through the process.

How does SEO actually work?.

It’s all about search volume.
Every day people are searching for your services and products on google and the only way to take advantage
of that traffic is by being on the front page of google.

It’s easy to get to number one spot for keywords that don’t get any traffic ( and there are plenty of key words that don’t get any traffic ) and we are sure there many people that will promise you these types of results but our goal is to get your to the top of pages number one for keywords that get over 1000’s searches per month.

Being ranked for these keywords are the keywords that are going to make a difference to your business.

How do we do this?.

Pardon the pun – but it’s all about originality.

Doing well in the digital landscape is all about originality – if it was that easy to put up generic content and to create quality backlinks; then everyone would be ranking for number one! But there is only room for one website on the top position of Google.

It’s quite a sophisticated process, and it’s certainly not easy – but we have done it time after time, and if we take on a client then we are certain we can beat their competitors to the top of Google and make sure they stay there.

The way we do this is by working closely with you, generating original and compelling content that attracts high-authority websites that will link to this content. This skill set has taken us years to master and we know the Google Algorithm inside out, which means when we write content and obtain backlinks they are for a very specific reason.

Let us explain our process that will get your business results. It needs to grow your bottom line.

The Truth About SEO.

Our Process
Don't’ muck around - get results

If it were as simple as just writing content with the key words scattered in it everyone would be able to get results.

But not many people actually can get the results they promise.
Original ( again, pardon the pun ) Content is one of the 3 major keys to your website SEO success. And it’s something we put a lot of our efforts into!

Our content and SEO strategist is going to meet with you each and every month to go over your results and prepare for the next batch of original content that will be written for you. This content is highly tied to the backlinks we want to obtain for your website.

Finding backlinks and writing content is a highly skilled and gruelling process that we have perfected over the last ten years, but it will assure that we build solid foundations to get you top page rankings and make sure you stay there.

Hours and Hours of research

Building High Authority websites is a very hard and sophisticated process but it’s the only way to get you ranked to number one spot on Google, and steal your competitors leads.

It’s even harder to get your website linked to websites with already existing high authority. It’s hard enough just to find these websites – they are scattered all over the internet and the only way to find them is to spend hours and hours doing in-depth research.

Finding them is hard enough but then strategizing a way to link to these sites is even harder!

But that’s the game we are in and we love it!
And that’s our plan for you and your business. Writing very specific and original content and linking it to high authority websites.

These two major pillars of SEO are what is going to get you to the front page of Google.

The Number One spot is what counts!

Very specific content written specifically to work within Google’s algorithm, paired with hard-to-find, high authority website backlinks is what will get you to the front page… but how people behave on your site is what will keep you there.

The longer people spend on your site the more Google will see that your site is a high quality website which people actually want to find, when they search for your product or service.

Our team is highly trained in optimising your website to be as user friendly as possible. Everything from load speed to the language your site is written in is carefully optimised and adjusted to make for a very effective user friendly website – ensuring you get to the number one spot on Google, and stay there.

The Result

You. Number One on Google.
It won’t be easy and it won’t happen overnight, but be assured that it will happen. We wouldn’t work with you if we weren’t 100% committed to getting you the results we promise.

Once you get that number one spot, your business will be changed forever.

Our Promise.

By working closely with you, our team will be able to create a unique and original strategy that is specific to your business and your industry, which is going to get you ranked first for all of your selected keywords.

Monthly meetings, creating unique SEO content that is compelling and informative, attracting high quality backlinks from highly authoritative websites combined with our ability to optimise your site, is how we will achieve number one Google rankings for your business.

See the below case study from one of our clients who we we got ranked number one on Google for “Auckland Construction Companies” He came to us as a one man outfit – now he is seen on the BF same level as and is competing with some of the most highly performing companies in Auckland.


This is what we do for our clients

It’s a simple concept – get to the number one spot on Google for keywords with high search volume. If you plan on being in business for longer than the next 12 months, and want to future-proof your company for the next 10 years, then this is the only way to do it!

Pick a company that has a track record of getting clients results.

Contact us and request an original SEO strategy unique to your business