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It really is that simple! There are people searching on google every day who are ready and willing to buy your product or service.

Getting in front of them isn’t that hard – it’s quite simple to set up a google adwords account and attach a credit card to and start spending money.

Getting results from your google adword campaigns is a different story.

“There is a huge difference between being on google and being successful on google”

If you set up Google Ads campaigns without knowing how to find the right keywords, target audience, know how to write good ad copy and even set up proper tracking, then it’s very likely you won’t find much success with
your Google campaigns.

We want to work with you, and we are completely transparent on how we are going to get your results with Google Ads.

Why Google Doesn't Work .

There are so many factors involved in Google Adwords. Everything from installing tracking codes, to optimisation,
to simply picking the right key words.

It’s not hard to set up a Google Adwords account, set a budget, and then come back in a couple of days and see some clicks on your adverts – only to then realize they didn’t result in any leads, and you’ve just lost a substantial amount of money with nothing to show for it.

In fact, this is the most common thing we hear from people who have done their own or outsourced it to a third party.

“It just doesn’t work for my industry” – and this might be true to an extent, but If your competitors are using Google Adwords then they must believe it gives them an advantage in some way – otherwise why would they keep investing money into it?

To make a Google campaign work and compete strongly against your competitors you need to work with a team that lives, breathes and understands Google – back to front, front to back and sideways too!

Why Google Works.

“Traffic on demand”

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are where people go to be entertained.

People go to Google because they have a very specific problem that they are looking to solve. Being on the front page of Google means your business is in front of those people at the right time in the right place.

What do we do differently?.

Original content is the key. When people go to Google, they are simply looking at content. What is a very complicated marketing problem to solve can be easily summed up as such:
Important words on a page link to websites that have relevant content that hopefully provides the solution to their problem or query.

Whilst working closely with you and analysing your competitors and your industry as a whole, we will dive deep into your digital profile to discover what is working and what is not. This is what sets us apart, our thorough analyses and the dedication to work diligently on your account until we have found the winning formula that will get your results.

Juts because the Search Bar looks simple, don’t be fooled!
When you type a keyword into that Search Bar looking for the solution to your problem or query, there is a very complex and sophisticated process going on to identify which results to show you once the search is complete.

When you pay for Google Adverts, you actively participate in this – everything from conversion tracking, machine learning, past management history and add copy is going to dictate how well your adverts do.

It’s no longer just the Google Search Bar; your display, YouTube advertising, remarketing, shopping and multi campaign dynamics are just some of the complexities that come into play.

And thats where we come in! We take all of these factors into account, and make sure that the results you get from Google Adwords are worth every penny.


Just setting up an ad campaign is not going to work for your business.It takes a thorough knowledge of your industry, your competitors and all products/services on offer to really execute an effective Google campaign.

When you start with us the first thing we do is set up a 45 minute onboarding call, either in person, over the phone or via Skype to get a good understanding of your business, and really dive deep together to discover what is and isn’t going to work.

After that call your work here is done – and it’s time for us to go away and do all the heavy lifting in the background to make sure your money is going to good use. In real terms, that means more leads in your business.

Each and every month you will receive comprehensive reporting with detailed analytics explaining your accounts’

Your success is our success, attention to detail is what will get your results and our team will work with you closely to achieve everything you could hope for.


It’s easy to say ‘we get you results’, but we like our work to speak for itself! Many people in our industry make empty promises, but at Original Media every part of your campaign is closely monitored to make sure you get optimal results.

See our case study below one from one of our happy clients, who was getting sales at a industry record-low of $27 per lead ( while most companies are converting sales at $50 per lead).