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No different to being handed a flyers in a busy mall or seeing a billboard on a busy highway, you never actually gave permission to be advertised to – but if it’s something you’re actually interested in, then you’ll most likely look at that billboard or take that flyer.

Social Media Marketing is quite similar, but instead of handing out your flyers to a small sample of people (who may or may not fall in your target market,) Facebooks’ complex algorithm has the ability to cut straight through the noise, and put your ad directly in front of your most likely future customers.

All we need to know is who your ideal clients are, and we can very quickly work out if Facebook marketing is the right option for you.

Does Social Media Advertising
actually work?.

Absolutely it does! We have helped companies scale their business capabilities far beyond their expectations using
Facebook and Instagram advertising.

Does that mean it works for everyone?

Truthfully: no, it doesn’t work for every business. There are businesses that can really excel using Social Media advertising, and there are businesses that can waste a lot of money forno return on their advertising spend.

What business does it work for?.

We work very closely with e-commerce brands (businesses that can sell products online), service business (to generate leads) and online course providers who have all seen incredible growth and scaling from Facebook advertisements, but these results have come off the back of careful strategising, planning and execution of complex sales funnels with compelling content, highly engaging landing pages and layered retargeting, all of which is carefully managed on a daily basis.

Before starting any Facebook campaign with any of our clients we need to make sure they fully understand the complexity
of Social Media Advertising.

How it all works.

Likes, Likes, Likes! If only it were that easy to just get people to like your page then turn them into potential clients.

The reality is ‘ikes’ are just a vanity measure. The amount of people that like your page or post does not anyway equity in the amount of sales you are going to make.

What is more important to understand is that there are categories of people who use Facebook and Instagram in different ways. Some people like posts, other people like pages, some people share posts while other keep their views to themselves but will still quite happily check your page out – and then there are those who will happily comment on everything all day every day.

Understanding this is the first step to figuring out the complex advertising platform that is Facebook.

It’s all about targeting right? Target the right people who have the interest in that fit your target market and you’ll make money. That’s what Facebook is all about right?
The reality is everyone has the same access to the same targeting, which means for the most part your targeting is going to be on the same level as your competitors.

Targeting is an important part of the social media marketing equation, but it’s only one side of this equation.

So it must be the adverts then, right?

You might have heard the abbreviation “CTR”, which stands for ‘click though rate.’ In layman’s terms, it means how many people actually click on your advert.

Your advert is a make up of both content and imagery such as pictures and/or videos.

The more engaging the content and imagery, the more likely people are going to click on your advert.

Surprisingly enough it’s not that hard to get people to click on your advert, but a good CTR doesn’t necessarily equal more leads and sales.

People love window shopping in real life, and in the digital world this is no different.
We always want to see what lies on the other side of the adverts, but that doesn’t mean we want to buy now or even necessarily any time at all!

So how does it work then?!.

What matters

The truth is: to run a successful social media campaign it takes a mixture of picking the right audience to advertise to (a.k.a people who like to “like” VS people who like to “share”) the right target market set, and then making sure your advert is compelling enough to entice the right person at the right time to go through to your landing page and make a purchase – or at least leave their contact details.

This combination combined with re-targeting the right message at the right time is the winning formula to getting results with social media advertising.

Much like anything in the digital landscape, it can be a very complex process to get right, and we need to know if we can guarantee your business great results before we begin working together – and that means discovering more about your business!.

Our Promise.

When working with clients there are multiple things to take into consideration: Which products and services
to advertise?Should we use lead forms, or concentrate on brand awareness and retargeting?
Do we set up a complex funnel that will nurture your prospects?

To work out if our winning social media marketing formula is going to work for you we will first audit your current advertising history, as well as doing our own in-depth research on your industry as a whole.

When you start with us the first thing we are going to do is set up a 45 minute onboarding call either in person, over the phone or via Skype call so as to get a good understanding of your business, and really dive deep together to discover what is and isn’t going to work.